Emerald Resort and Lodge

Attractions and Activities around Emerald Resort

  • Enjoy boat trip on Lake Chamo admiring crocodiles; reaching 6 meters length, hippos and birds.
  • Visit Netch Sar National Park. Animals to noticed here are Swayne’s Hartebeests, Lesser and greater Kudu, Zebras and more.
  • Pay a visit to Dorze people and village with their Bee-hive like tukules and their particular weaving works for which they are famous for. They are also well known for cultivation of sorghum and the false banana and more.
  • The Crocodile Ranch was established in 1984 by the government of Ethiopia to sustainably maintain the wild croc populations. It lies on an area of 3 hectare of land. Feeding usually happens on Monday and Thursdays and is not to be missed.
  • Konso villages and terracing agriculture are UNESCO registered sites. These people also have a particular way of life and traditions. There are about 32 villages encircled by tall stone walls and each practicing a different culture.


Attractions and Activities around Emerald Lodge

  • Admire Hamer people culture and the very colorful weekly markets at Turmi or Dimeka or Alduba of the Hamer, Karo and Dassanech. Also visit when possible, the Bull jumping and Evangadi dance ceremonies.
  • Visit Dassanech village and Omo River at Omorate.
  • Karo villages and Omo River at Kangate or Duss.
  • Nyangatom villages and Omo River at Kangate.
  • Mursi tribe where their women wear lip plates for beauty passing through Mago National Park.